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Insurance Claim &
Mediation Sercice

Nelson & Co are also able to provide advice
and post claim evidence in respect of the
settlement of property and contents claims.

Following a loss or claim it is often very difficult to prove the value of an item or property.

Insurance companies will also try to settle the claim on the basis of what they can replace the item for, which may not be the basis on which the client wants the claim settled.

Nelson & Co as part of their insurance claims service can provide proof of value to an insurance company to ensure that the claim is settled to the client’s satisfaction and benefit.
We are also able through our association with RTT Bramley LL.B FRICS Dip Arb MCIArb, provide a full mediation service in respect of property disputes, farm purchases, negligent valuations as well as rights of light, easements, covenants and rights of way, residential valuation, neighbour disputes and rents involving a wide range of private, corporate and local authority parties.

See: www.consensusmediation.co.uk/bramley.html