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Comprehensive calculation of the cost of reinstating the property, estimate of replacement of household contents, flood hazard and security analysis.

We are able to provide 4 different types of report:

1. Drive-by Inspection:
External appraisal of the property, which gives an indication of the value of the property without taking into account the internal fixtures and fittings or any significant architectural features. (Properties up to 300,000)

2. Full Appraisal:
Full survey of the property and interviews with the client to provide a comprehensive risk report for the client, taking into account all internal fixtures and fittings and architectural features as well as reporting on the condition and defects of the property including subsidence and flood risks. The report also includes details of fire detection system, security systems and occupancy (Properties over 300,000).
3. Course of Construction:
This report provides details to the client or insurer where a property is undergoing substantial alterations or refurbishment and includes all the information included in the standard appraisal and also sets out details of construction information, contractors details and building site information.

4. Post Course of Construction:
This report is carried out once all works have been completed and ensures that all sums insured are accurate and takes into account any improvements and / or changes to the risk.